Feb 13, 2018

8 Brilliant Tips for Decorating Work Spaces

A well decorated office promotes productivity, which is why it is essential for offices and any work spaces to choose the most appropriate paint colors and decorations to set a productive work environment.

Before starting the decorating process, start by deciding on the color palette of your painting. Whether it is your own home office or an office with several employees, here some decoration and painting tips to help create a space conducive for productivity.

  1. Let More Natural Light In

If possible, every room of the office—of even better, every employee—should have access to some natural lighting. Eight hours every day under fluorescent lighting is not healthy for anyone. Explore other lighting options, like compact fluorescent light (CFL), which closely mimics matural lighting. You may also paint the walls of your office with cream or super pale yellow, so when the light streams in from the windows, the walls will reflect the light and brightens the office naturally.

Also, it helps to provide your employees with indirect lighting options, such as through lamps and other lighting fixtures. Indirect lighting is much more soothing to the eye than overhead lighting, so make sure to consider that as well.

  1. Add a Splash of Vibrant Hue

It’s amazing how the colors of the walls can affect your productivity. According to psychologists, colors greatly affect the mood and the productivity of people, which is why it is important to choose the colors of your office wisely. When deciding what colors to paint your office, keep these colors in mind:

  • Blue is often associated with intelligence, connotes communications, efficiency, trust and calmness.
  • Green symbolizes balance. It is also associated with balance, harmony and rest.
  • Red gives an impression of power, energy, strength and aggression.
  • Yellow exudes optimism, emotion, extroversion, creativity and confidence.

While it wouldn’t be very pleasing to paint the entire office with just one color, adding a pop of these colors to plain white walls can help stimulate everyone’s productivity. If you are renting the space, make sure to check with your landlord before starting the repainting job.

  1. Invest on Physical Comfort

Your employees spend most of their time every day at their desk—sitting on their chair in front of a glaring computer screen. Focus on providing comfort in every work station to keep your employees happy and productive.

Poorly designed work environment can cause an increase in workers’ compensation claims due to health problems. Not to mention is kills productivity level of employees, too. While it’s not really necessary to spend a thousand dollar for an office chair, find more office furniture options that are designed to help with people’s health and comfort.

  1. Consult Your Officemates

Deciding alone for the office décor and painting is not a one-man project, since you are not the only one occupying the office. You will be surprised of some of your officemate’s suggestions and actually be glad that you asked. They can help point out the weakness of the workspace and provide solutions to alter them.

A change in the environment also affects the morale and mood of everyone existing in the space. Involving them ensures that the improvement will benefit them as well.

  1. Get Some Art Pieces

You have the freedom to paint the walls with whatever color you like, but it may not be enough to make your office look interesting. Artworks on walls are an excellent way to spruce up plain looking spaces. You can get a art painting piece or anything framed to add visual interest to your office walls.

  1. Use Storage Spaces Effectively

If you have traditional file drawers in the office, make sure you are using them effectively. It would be practical to have your drawers right next to your desk., but be sure to only get enough that you’re sure you can use. Many of today’s companies rely so much on cloud storage to keep their files instead of the traditional filing cabinets and drawers.

  1. Be Cost Effective

Like any other project, redecorating and repainting an office always comes with a budget. This will encourage you to find a reasonable and efficient method. Although you need to get this done within the allotted budget, do not skimp on quality. You can scrunch a bit on décor, but do not compromise your painting quality for a cheap price. Your office paint should last long and look excellent at the same time. Using low-quality paint will only cause you to repaint more frequently.

  1. Talk to a Professional

For decorations, offices are usually minimalist, so you can have your own take on this matter. But for your office’s interior painting, it’s always ideal to ask for professional advices.

For the best painting advice, call Ideal Colors in Singapore. Their skilled and professional painters will give you tips and educate you of what’s best and what’s not for your space. They can also provide you with an estimate of the entire project, as well as how much paint is needed, for free! They can also help you decide which color to use in what area and what colors you need if there’s a need for blending to get the color you want.

Keeping all these tips in mind will help you save from unnecessary expenses and help you achieve the best outcome in a much lesser time.

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