Quality Painting for Landed Homes

Landed property is a highly important asset to homeowners in Singapore, and because the quality of exterior house paint on average lasts between five and six years, the best way to keep the value up is by hiring a professional to keep your landed house looking its best.

IdealColours has more than ten years of painting experience in the industry, having worked with all kinds of clients ranging from large companies to small residential homeowners.


Common Exterior and Interior Painting Issues

With condo units and HDB flats, most painting issues are often limited to a smaller interior space. However, when it comes to landed homes in Singapore, issues with both interior and exterior painting are much bigger.

These are some of the most common problems that landed homeowners face:

  • Messed-up landscapes – Ladders and scaffolding should be positioned to leave as little impact on the landscape as possible, but this doesn’t always save flower beds (and flowers!) from getting trampled over.
  • Painted-over problems – Another problem that most homeowners face is seeing problematic areas such as rotten wood simply repainted over or the whole painting job stopped mid-project in order for a carpenter to fix it.
  • Sloppy painting – Repainting exterior walls involves scraping the current paint before painting it over, and this step can turn messy quickly, especially without the right equipment.


Our Recommended Painting Options and Solutions

Painting for landed homes isn’t as straightforward as with condo units or HDB flats, so we make sure that our painting solutions, from exterior paint sealing to interior color shade application, are suited for your needs.


Selection of Paint Products

Our wide selection of paints from trusted brands such as Jotun, Nippon, and Dulux ensures that we have every hue that brings out the best of your home. And because we only choose high-quality paints, you can expect long-lasting paint without the strong odor!

Painting Quotes and Consultation Services

Our free consultation services include a walkthrough and a recommended colour palette that will bring out the best of your HDB flat’s layout. We also include a complete list of all the paints and materials you will need to complete your project, at no extra charge.


Our Highly Trained Painting Professionals

IdealColours hires expert painters that are certified to have the necessary skills and experience in commercial and residential painting, and insured in case of any accidents that could occur on the job.